Helga Berton Granié, creative in movement, in alternation at Stäubli during the MSc1 Communication

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Helga Berton Granié is always in motion. Never balk. And he is constantly setting himself new challenges.
At 37 years old, his return to school is a great one!
Currently in MSc 1 Communication at the Inseec  campus in Chambéry,
Helga is doing her internship at Stäubli, as a Communication Assistant, in the Sales Department of the Robotics Division.
A new era that she sees as a new beginning.

The story is fascinating, the path sinuous but rich :

“I left school very young, at the age of 16. Originally from Paris, I then moved to Savoie to work. With animation diplomas in my pocket, I worked for several seasons in vacation centers in the resort. From animation manager to ski lift agent through jobs such as carpentry, I was able to touch nearly ten different worlds”.

Helga relies on her background to move forward, again and again!

“After I turned 26, I branched out into the hotel and restaurant business until I became my own boss. After about ten years, I had the impulse to give myself the chance to study. So I passed in June 2018 the BAC in free candidate then, a V3P the following month (VAE equivalence) to obtain a BTS Management of Commercial Units level. And thus gain access to a Bachelor’s degree in webmarketing at the start of the 2018 academic year. And now, a Master’s degree, at l’Inseec”.

” I felt that at Inseec, atypical profiles like mine were not judged. I was heard immediately “

Helga particularly appreciates the atmosphere in her class… and at Inseec ! A school and a campus that welcomed her in the best way possible, and guided her in the right direction.

” At the open house, I was listened to and oriented right away by the school staff. I felt that they did not judge atypical profiles, on the contrary. It’s a real opportunity to be able to go back to school like this at age 37 .

She is following a whole program in parallel with her work experience at Stäubli, a global supplier of mechatronic solutions. Stäubli is based in Faverges in Haute-Savoie. The company is organized around 3 poles of activity : robotics, connectors and textiles:

” As a Communication Assistant, I work for the Robotics division, in the French communication department. For the moment I am trying to understand the company’s functioning, its sector of activity and its communication strategy. I am involved in the organization of events but also in the follow-up of press relations with advertising and editorial .

Let’s face it, Helga is positive. And it feels good ?

” I like to meet new people and to be constantly new. I like to create, to federate, to make people meet and especially to take pleasure in what I do. So I enjoy the moment and the chance to do what I do .

Updated 17 October 2023