Inès Balouma, doing a work-study at Schneider Electric during the MSc2 Financial Engineering

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“At 21 years old, Inès Balouma is studying for an MSc 2 in Financial Engineering on the campus in Chambéry.

She is a work-study student at Schneider Electric (for the third year in a row) on the Francin site, in the budgetary control department.

She plans to become Administrative and Financial Director in the future and tells us about her career path and her future projects. With passion and motivation.

” I really wanted my training to match what I was going to see in the company. To have a theoretical part but especially a know-how. I particularly appreciate all the support provided to us at Inseec. There is a real follow-up and we are not alone , comments Ines.

After graduating with a Baccalauréat ES, a BTS in Accounting and Business Management, and a Licence in Accounting with a Tax option, the student went on to study for an MSc 1 in Corporate Finance, also on the Chambéry campus.

At Schneider Electric, she works in the budgetary control department.

” I’m in charge of dashboards, consolidation, inventory. We take all our information back to the group. In our department, we have a total of 6 , continues the woman who is passionate about athletics.

DAF as an objective

Skilled in finance in view of her studies and background, the student has already begun her third year of work-study at Schneider, a company she now knows very well.

She also has several plans for her future:

” I would love to go abroad on a mission for my company, for example. In any case, I would like to evolve in the finance sector. In the end, I set myself a goal : to reach the position of Administrative and Financial Director .

About the MSc 2 Financial Engineering…

After this 5-year degree, students are recruited mainly in the banking industry, in consulting firms and in the financial departments of large companies…

The most frequently practiced trades are :
in banking, account manager, financing manager, credit analyst, asset/liability manager; financial analyst; financial director; financial advisor; portfolio manager.

Updated 24 February 2022