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Apprenticeship is the new form of work-study contract offered by INSEEC MSc&MBAs, in addition to internships and professionalization contracts.

The work-study program allows direct application of the knowledge acquired in class and better adaptation to the realities of the company. It is the winning school/business strategy that we have decided to apply to all our training courses.

Most of our programs are eligible for apprenticeship, internship or professionalization contracts. Different types of rhythms are offered, they vary according to the Campus (Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux and Chambéry), the level (MSc&MBA 1st or2nd year) and the program (+50 specialties). For more information on the schedule, please contact the admissions department of the city of your choice directly.


What are the advantages of apprenticeship (and work-study in general)?

For the student:

  • Use and consolidate the lessons learned in the company 
  • Acquire recognized professional experience
  • Build your CV and your professional foundation
  • Benefit from the coverage of training costs and remuneration throughout the training period
  • Possibility of being recruited at the end of the contract.

For the company:

  • Train an employee in its culture and methodologies
  • Strengthen your teams with a motivated young recruit
  • Benefit from the latest academic knowledge of the student
  • Benefit from financial advantages (financial aid from the State, the OPCO, on conditions)
  • Test a potential future collaborator
  • Take part in the life of the school (tutor meeting, work-study forum, afterwork, etc.)

Enterprises, send us your work-study offers:

The terms and conditions of the apprenticeship contract

The level of remuneration of the apprentice depends on several factors : age and year of training.

The amount of training paid for by the OPCO depends on the geographical sector and the company’s branch agreements.

It will be communicated directly to the company upon request.

More information on :

How to find an apprenticeship contract?

The work-study and continuing education department on each campus assists all registered students in their search for a company. Coaching workshops, Facebook support group, daily publication of job offers on the intranet, afterwork, work-study forum …. Many means are put in place by our team to allow students to find a contract for the new school year. A validated promise to hire allows the student to finalize their enrollment and not pay a tuition fee.”

Updated 24 February 2022