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Holder of an MSc 2 International Business Management that she obtained in 2018 on the INSEEC campus in Chambéry, Jeanne Menard then followed up with two VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprise), which were very formative in her professional career. She details her experiences abroad and outlines some perspectives. Notice to travelers!

A little look in the rear-view mirror for Jeanne Menard.

” After obtaining my BAC STG in 2013, I immediately wanted to focus my studies on the International. First of all, by a BTS in International Commerce, followed by a Licence Pro in International Business at the IAE of Annecy-le-Vieux. And finally, a Master’s degree at INSEEC .

Jeanne draws her international appeal from her first ten years living in Italy.

” I have always had the goal of going abroad at the end of my studies, in order to develop my language skills, discover new cultures, and also to observe the different habits and customs of each country. This led me to ask my company for the possibility of going abroad as part of an International Corporate Volunteer contract and thus work for them abroad ” she continues.

So in August 2018, she left France to join Australia as a communications assistant to develop the Sophie the Giraffe brand.  A big jump, for a very big experience.

” I was then lucky enough to be offered a contract renewal in a new market : Italy, as Brand Development Manager. ” Bye-bye Australia, and welcome to Italy !

 His advice for your LIFE

 ” It is a golden opportunity to discover new countries and cultures while being in a specific and therefore more secure environment. I know how complicated it can be to find this type of contract. If you are already in a company that is expanding abroad or that wishes to do so, do not hesitate to make proposals. You never know what opportunity that might lead to. Apply also on the website of
where all the offers of International Voluntary Service in Company are posted. ”

“My VIEs have been more than enriching experiences for me. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to work abroad. However, it is also necessary to be well informed about the terms and conditions as well as the constraints that this may entail. It’s a real life choice !   ”

With the strength of her two foreign immersions, Jeanne is ready for a new adventure. Let’s face it, travel is the best way to learn !


Updated 24 February 2022