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Founded 20 years ago, the INSEEC Paris MSc & MBA is very pleased to be able to offer all its students and alumni a professional network through a brand new tool: the Alumni portal. A true “professional LinkedIn” bringing together only the stakeholders of our campus, the network aims to support each student and graduate in the launch and construction of their professional career. 

Alumni are an essential part of the life of our school. They regularly organize afterwork sessions, meetings, and come to share their knowledge after a few years of experience with our students during conferences, seminars or courses. Our Alumni are also members of the jury during the selection evenings organized by the school as part of our admission process.

Therefore, it was essential to go even further in order to offer not only our Alumni but also our students and future graduates the possibility to participate more in the life of the school and to become key players in the student and professional world of tomorrow.

Services adapted to the needs of students and graduates

Whether you are a student, an apprentice, a recent graduate, a current employee or a retrainee, each member of the INSEEC Paris MSc & MBA network has access to a wide range of services and tools adapted to their needs:

> A  directoryof students/alumni/professors on campus
> A space regularly updated with offers of internships / internships / fixed term / permanent
> Contact with all the members of the network: professors, recruiters, alumni, students, staff…
> A private messaging 
> The  calendarof all the school’s events
> The news of the campus
> The news of the jobs and business sectors
> Contribution to the platform: testimonials, articles, job offers…

Create synergies between the different actors of the school

The INSEEC Paris MSc & MBA is far from being a simple place of passage in which only the diploma at the key counts: the school is constantly changing and in perpetual movement in order to create synergies between the various actors of the student life: teacherscompanies,  team, students and Alumni. The INSEEC MSc & MBA Paris Alumni Network wishes to move in this direction and will evolve according to the desires and needs of its community.

25,000 alumni make up the professional network of INSEEC Paris MSc & MBA programs across its campuses in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Chambery and London.

For more information on the INSEEC Paris MSc & MBA Alumni Network, please contact Aude Kebe at the Career Center:
> Network Internet link:

Updated 24 February 2022