#Leïla GUERMIT, student, high level sportswoman and in work experience!

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Leïla GUERMIT, 22, is a student in the MSc1 Sport Management program at INSEEC in Lyon and also a rugbywoman at ASM Romagnat, where she plays as a winger. Discover in her testimony how she reconciles her passion for sports, her studies and her professional life !

“At after my STAPS degree in Sports Training at the university, I decided to go for a training in Management and Marketing, because I am particularly sensitive to the jobs in the event industry. As part of my studies, I’m doing a work-study program with the ASM Clermont Auvergne’s partner association – ASM en mêlées companies.

My alternating one-week/two-week rhythm allows me to organize my schedule in order to train daily and to continue to progress in my discipline in order to evolve at the highest level. I train every day, mostly after work or between noon and night, and the games are on Sunday.

As soon as I arrived at INSEEC, the entire teaching staff was very understanding of my status as a high-level sportswoman, allowing me to justify some of my absences when I had to train during class time…

My academic athletic background has greatly contributed to making me the player I am today and I am confident that my journey within the INSEEC U. programs is a continuation of that.

Being a sportsman is an advantage in the world of work, and this training has made me understand it very well. All the conditions are met to allow me to carry out my double sports and professional project.

I am particularly committed to the promotion of women’s sports and the training of young people, and my goal is to be able to pass on this commitment in my daily work, but also on the field, or through actions within the school. “

Updated 24 February 2022