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After completing an MSc1 International Marketing at INSEEC U. Chambéry, Margo Bermond continued this year with an MSc2 Brand Management.
The all in alternation at
Stäubli, within the  sales administration ” export “.
She wants to travel at the end of her studies at INSEEC and tells us about her career path, her experiences but also her goal in the years to come.

  ” I started   with a Baccalaureate STMG Marketing.   Having a strong attraction for travel and intercultural, I naturally   headed to a BTS International Trade. In this one, I had the opportunity to do an internship of 2 months in China and of 1 month at Geneva.  In order to combine my desire for adventure and to perfect my English , I left 6 months in a school in Australia. There, I also worked   as manager of student residences, introduces the student as a preamble.

” On my return, I wanted to put into practice my knowledge with a real professional experience. So I did a professional license   trades of international trade, in alternation at Stäubli Robotics. This as an export sales assistant”, continues Margo.

Then, INSEEC campus Chambéry

” After 3 years in international trade, I wanted to develop my skills in marketing. And also to specialize in brand management. The   varied and programs taught in English at INSEEC Chambéry are to my eyes a real added value. They fit perfectly with my expectations. “

 Work-study program at

Margo details her missions :

” I am currently, for 3 years, in the service sales administration export. I had the opportunity to work on very varied positions and enriching: sales assistant export, project manager optimization of product process and project manager customer satisfaction ISO 9001.
As an export sales assistant, I worked in the administration of export sales. I also worked on the creation of the centralization of our international framework contracts, 
says the student, who is currently working on the ISO 9001 customer satisfaction project.

” I am now focusing on the implementation and optimization of customer satisfaction measurement in the sales department. 
The novelty, the freedom and the trust granted by my superior during the different missions have given the opportunity to be able to work independently on projects for which I had not prior knowledge. This has allowed me to really increase my skills .

Travel, travel…

 And what’s next in this busy program ? It is already well defined, and the path seems to be clear:

” At the end of my master’s degree, I decided to travel and work for a year in New Zealand.
Upon my return, I would like to continue to broaden my areas of expertise by joining a specialized master’s degree program, if possible in Switzerland. I will take advantage of this year to continue to train and refocus on my career plans. I will also clearly define the area I would like to pursue in this final year of study.
In the long term, I am considering an international career. I would like to work in different countries, on very different jobs and missions.
Mobility, novelty and   challenges are real drivers for me. I like to get out of my comfort zone. I have a real desire to develop skills in very different fields 

Margo definitely has a good head on her shoulders !


Updated 24 February 2022