Marie Lemercier in MSc 1 Digital Marketing and work-study at Böllhoff

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After a sabbatical year punctuated by a trip to Canada, Marie Lemercier joined INSEEC U. Campus of Chambéry to follow the MSc 1 Digital Marketing. All this while working as a marketing assistant at  Böllhoff. Originally from Normandy, she talks to us about her experience, traces her path and evokes her perspectives.

After obtaining her baccalaureate in economics with honors, Marie Lemercier enrolled in a preparatory class for the HEC business school where she completed her first year. But this course of study did not really correspond to him.

” I then went to L2 Economics-Management, a course that I didn’t like either because of the lack of practice and concreteness. I therefore entered the ‘International Trade’ professional degree program, in which I was able to really blossom and develop my knowledge and skills thanks to the work-study program “, says Marie.

 ” I wanted to do this master’s degree because it answered my desire to learn the concepts of digital marketing. Indeed, I do not come from a marketing background, like many of my classmates. But I have always been intrigued by the way to communicate, to promote products and services. Especially in the digital age where we are constantly receiving information. First, I got interested in webdesign. I started as a self-taught person to create websites, coding them in HTML, CSS and a little in Javascript. Then, I became interested in digital marketing in general This master really corresponds to my expectations. We have different courses on digital marketing in general, social networks, paid campaigns, emailings, digital law, graphic creation tools, website creation.”

Marketing assistant at Böllhoff

Currently, Marie is a marketing assistant. For which tasks ?

” I have several global missions. They allow me to work in traditional and digital marketing. A real opportunity to understand the levers of action. I work on different missions, with different targets, objectives and markets. This allows me to be versatile : showroom renovation, market research, campaign / product launch (press, advertising, webinars, emailing, catalog …), video promotion, website articles, Linkedin posts … ”

Missions facilitated by what she learns during her courses at INSEEC.

” INSEEC brings me a lot of knowledge. There is theory but above all a lot of practice with group work on concrete projects, sometimes real ones with the intervention of real clients. This allows us to apply our knowledge, analyze and take a step back on what is possible or not to do. In my company, this allows me to have a knowledge base and to be able to apply it to my different projects. ”

After her studies, Marie hopes to become a Marketing Manager :

” I want to continue to develop my skills and keep up with marketing and digital trends. I would love to have a specialization related to web design or graphic design, in order to bring added value to the company. “



Updated 24 February 2022