Mathieu Poplimont, lecturer in MSc2 Sport Management, the taste for entrepreneurship

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Creator of Sport Business, a magazine now fully recognized in the sports world, Mathieu Poplimont recently shared his experience with the students of the MSc 2 Marketing and Management of Sport.
He shares with us his future projects and distills some valuable advice to our promotions.

” I have always been attracted to the business world, I grew up in this universe. I am the son of a businessman. My father was a hairdresser and my mother a bank employee. I even lived in the Middle East for several years. My father ran the only independent French hairdressing salon in the United Arab Emirates. Quite naturally, I went to a business school in alternation. I was also interested in the world of media and sports, but it seemed inaccessible to me. I had no contacts, no network .

Mathieu is now at the head of Le Sport Business magazine!

“Work experiences are important. I had the chance to discover different facets of the communication sector with internships in advertising agencies. Sports were always in the back of my mind. In late 2013, I decided to launch a site dedicated to sports marketing news. This medium opened doors for me and I was able to take on different professional missions : in an agency, in a federation, in a pro cycling team. I was able to experience many events from the inside, behind the scenes. I have met many professionals in the sector .
And here is the adventure launched !

At Inseec U., about entrepreneurship in sports

” I spoke on the entrepreneurship part to talk about my background and industry trends. The students then worked in groups on a business creation project. There were some really good ideas. I also liked the variety of their profile. They are all in different companies, in different jobs. What I also wanted to convey to them is that anything is possible. The world of sports is a dream, but if you really want to work in it, you have to break down doors, make things happen. There are many candidates. It is important to be noticed intelligently “, says Mathieu.

Mathieu was visibly satisfied with his meeting with the students. Meeting ended with some very valuable advice for the students :

” Believe in your dreams. I heard this phrase dozens of times before I put it into practice! It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you have to fight for it. You are not expected, it is up to you to make your own luck. Sometimes a meeting can change everything. There are professionals who want to share. They are willing to help, don’t be shy and meet as many people as possible. Hard work always pays off. Failure also exists, of course, but we always learn. You have to do it, try it and don’t regret it. The other advice is to read the press, listen to the radio, to be alert. To be aware of the practices in the world of sport business, but also of the news in general .



Updated 24 February 2022