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In September 2020, the MSc2 Risk Management, Control & Compliance will open its doors on the Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux campuses. This program will train students as risk experts who will participate in the implementation of corporate protection and decision-making mechanisms.

The antagonistic couple of risk and return is at the basis of all decisions in finance. It requires the manager to implement a real risk management policy  in compliance with business ethics. This risk management is fundamental in the implementation of internal control and audit systems for the company as well as for a wide range of activities in the banking, insurance and IT sectors.


A program in line with market needs

With the globalization of the economy and the occurrence of major financial crises, the need to regulate our economic system has become apparent. Little by little, different rules and regulations, both at the national and international level, have emerged. Organizations must adapt and respond to these new obligations. In the banking sector, for example,  following the subprime crisis, the Basel II and then  Basel III agreements have strengthened regulation, control and risk management. By minimizing credit risk, banking compliance secures the market. At the company level, it will be the issues around management control and auditing that will be addressed.  An audit of risks (financial, tax, social, IT..) but also of management (CSR, internal audit) and compliance (RGPD, Sapin 2, export control, Pact etc.).



The key competence : to know how to accompany the change

Change management is essential. Ethics and risk management require, in most cases, a change in approach but also in the way of doing things. For example, in the case of the RGPD for the collection of personal data, organizations must first change their approach to the use of data but also the structuring of their information system. The compliance officer will have to guide this change, communicate  and accompany the process change intelligently so as not to block or even frustrate the project stakeholders.


A program with high added value

This innovative program trains financial managers to work in all industries and businesses around the world. It also aims to nurture their skills and culture of risk management and business ethics, which few training courses offer to date.

At the end of the Risk Management, Control & Compliance program, the most frequently practiced professions are : risk officer, management controller, business management & management consultant, compliance officer, risk and compliance analysis.

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Updated 24 February 2022