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“[vc_row type=”” in_container=”” scene_position=”” center=”” text_color=”” dark=”” text_align=”” left=”” overlay_strength=””][vc_column column_padding=”” no-extra-padding=”” column_padding_position=”” all=”” background_color_opacity=”” background_hover_color_opacity=”” width=””][vc_column_text]The explosion of e-commerce, ubiquitous social networks, new marketing focused on the customer experience, the rise of artificial intelligence… New issues are emerging and changing the understanding of the market. To adapt, companies must jump on the change bandwagon and change their analysis frameworks. This change is a source of concern for some, but also of opportunity for many, as new functions are being created. Marketing data officer, Consumer & shopper insight manager, Consumer & Shopper Knowledge Manager, Consumer Intelligence manager…

These positions did not exist 5 years ago, they are now in high demand by companies and at high salary levels!

In order to adapt to market changes, INSEEC MSc&MBAs have decided to offer new specialized courses:

Brands have moved from “traditional” marketing, which is based on a rational choice
(attributes/benefits), to a marketing called “Experiential”. This new perception of marketing revolves exclusively around the customer, his tastes, his emotions and his “customer experience”. Artificial intelligence allows us to measure the effects. Machine learning allows us to build models to analyze all this data, to better understand the market and to make optimal decisions in terms of marketing and sales strategy.

With the explosion of the volume of information collected on the net, the questions of data processing, analysis and use become a fundamental issue for companies. How can we exploit this data and better support companies in their strategic choices?

The M1 Data Management leads to the MSc 2 Big data & Marketing Manager or the MSc 2 Experiential Marketing & Artificial Intelligence. It concentrates the essential knowledge for the successful pursuit of these two programs.

These courses are open for the September/October 2019 and February/March 2020 start dates, in 1st (accessible with a BAC+3) and 2nd year (accessible with a BAC+4).


More information on the program details HERE.



Updated 24 February 2022