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[vc_row type=”in_container” scene_position=”center” text_color=”dark” text_align=”left” overlay_strength=”0.3″]Maxime Di Mascio has just finished his training at the MSc & MBA INSEEC in Lyon and is developing his business creation project “Patrimonnaie”. Since March 2019, he has been supported by the INSEEC group’s incubator. He looks back on his journey as a student entrepreneur and his first months of incubation. 


What has been your journey up to now ?

In 2016, I joined the first Lyon-based class of the INSEEC Business School. During my Master 1 in ” Management of organizations “, I was recruited by a wealth management firm which proposed to train me, in parallel to my studies, in the profession of real estate investment advisor. I then did my last year of Master’s in a double degree with the MSc & MBA INSEEC Wealth Management and Real Estate Markets. So I just finished this last year of study.


What is the concept of Patrimonnaie ?

Patrimonnaie is the first platform that connects wealth management professionals with individuals. We wish to reference all the professions that revolve around wealth management Our clients include investment advisors, financial advisors, asset management advisors, insurers, real estate agents, rental management agents, real estate loan brokers, insurance brokers, and construction brokers. Our goal is to make advice accessible to as many people as possible.


How did this concept come to you ? What did you do to make it happen ?

During my experience as a real estate investment advisor, I was confronted with a problem of contact generation I spent a lot of time developing business strategies to find new clients From telephone prospecting to the organization of events and business partnerships with other professionals. In short, a lot of effort for little result.

While evolving in this environment, I realized that many experts are under permanent stress because of this problem. Having noticed that no platform existed to connect these professionals in need of ” business ” with individuals looking for information, I decided to create Patrimonnaie.

I worked on the project for six months in pre-incubation to clearly define my market, the platform’s features, the business model, the project team… before officially joining the incubator in March 2019.


How did the incubator help you develop your project ?

The incubator is a real support that allows a project to come to life. Working in a ” start-up ” environment is a source of continuous motivation in the development of your company. Beyond hosting and support, it is a real added value when exchanging with potential customers, investors or structures. I think the development of the project would not have been so fast without the incubator, we expect to launch the platform in early October.


Where are you today and what are your upcoming projects ? For you and your company

 We are in a dynamic process of prospecting and seeking visibility today. We already have experts interested in our service : professionals can register on our website to pre-edit their profile. As for individuals, they have the possibility of carrying out a patrimonial simulation in order to find THE person able to help them achieve their objectives.  We hope to be able to develop our service in a maximum of cities in France in the coming months.[divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”32px”][/vc_row]

Updated 24 February 2022