Portrait of Jorys Pesce, in MSc 2 Trade Marketing, Distribution and Business Development

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Currently in his last year of MSc 2 Trade Marketing, Distribution and Business Development at the INSEEC Campus U. Chambéry, Jorys Pesce is a department manager in the LECLERC store   Drumettaz (73).
Passionate about the retail industry, the student tells us about his career. He also outlines several perspectives.

” I completed a BAC ES at the Blaise Pascal high school in Ambert. I absolutely saw my future in the retail industry and I wanted to work at the same time as my studies. That’s why I chose the work-study program. I did a BTS MUC (Management of Commercial Units) in a school in Clermont-Ferrand with the Carrefour Market in Ambert. During these two years, I first discovered all the possible jobs in a supermarket the first year. After that, I worked a lot with the store managers .

Still on a work-study program, he continued with a Bac+3, while working as a manager at Carrefour Market at the store in Unieux :

” I worked in the market area (fruits and vegetables, bread, fish, deli and cheese) “.

And now, for more than a year, the Bac+5 program has been offered at the INSEEC Campus in Chambéry :

” This master’s degree is quite broad. It allows me to change my path if one day the large-scale distribution no longer suits me. On a daily basis, INSEEC allows me to meet people with experience. They share their know-how in their specialties. It allows us to complete what we learn in the company, and to enrich our professional culture. “

For this last year of study, Jorys is supervised by
Véronique Rodari
 Program Manager. 

Progress, again and again, with great responsibilities at Leclerc Drumettaz

” I have about 7 people under my responsibility to ensure that the shelves are well maintained. My tasks mainly revolve around the management of personnel (planning, replacement, priorities, tasks), orders (ordering the department every day and ordering promotions several months in advance), the management of assortments, the management of promotions (meeting with suppliers, budget negotiations), the management of sales prices and margins (on the poultry department). I have to make sure that my departments are in good shape and try to increase the turnover, because I have targets on turnover. ”

An already well-supported mission that allows the student to build his project.

” I would like to initially obtain a position with more responsibility, and then have my own store. “

Updated 17 October 2023