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Testimony of Mathilde, student in Real Estate Management and in professionalization contract within

A professionalizing approach

“After a DUT in Marketing Techniques, I specialized in a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Management and Transactions. My choice not to specialize directly after my bachelor’s degree was very deliberate. I was able to gain extensive general knowledge and skills that still serve me daily. I am currently studying MSc 2 Real Estate Management and I am delighted to be able to follow this training within In my opinion, it is essential to be able to associate the theory studied in training with the practice in the company., from internship search to Pro Contract

During my internship search last year, Julien Arthapignet, founder of the start-up, added me to his Linkedin network. I looked at his profile and found that he was working in new real estate. This sector has always attracted me and is the reason why I became interested in Real Estate. I then contacted him via his Linkedin messenger and got a positive response for an interview.

After having accepted to take me as an intern for 6 months, Julien entrusted me with various very complete missions such as the elaboration of the company’s e-mailing strategy or the realization of the company’s competitive study. Satisfied with my work, he extended my internship period into a professionalization contract and I now hold the position of Business Developer.

Currently, I am working on the business plan of a very ambitious future project. All the missions that I have been entrusted with show the confidence and recognition of my company. This really encourages and flatters me.

What are your plans for the future?

My training at INSEEC allowed me to meet real estate actors from different sectors. Our exchanges are very rich and allow us to approach real estate differently. My professional goal is to work in a supportive way. In this I focus on helping and advising customers, not on selling.

I want to be able to pass on my knowledge by advising and helping my clients to realize their life projects. In this, I intend to continue my career at according to future developments because in a start-up everything evolves very quickly. In any case, I feel very comfortable and fulfilled at the moment.

Any advice for our future students?

I would tell them to maximize their chances of getting their work-study training and to put their all into it. This really helps you to understand the world of work better, but also to develop your network. Multiplying professional experiences also allows students to know what they want to do or not, and therefore to prepare their future accordingly. I would also tell them to realize how lucky they are to be able to take this type of training,  and to demonstrate a professional attitude at all times because who knows, maybe their speaker or their project group will be their future collaborators ! “


Updated 24 February 2022