Portrait of Noam Badoux, entrepreneur in his 3rd year of Bachelor Digital Marketing

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Currently in his third year specializing in “Digital Marketing and Communication”, Noam Badoux is leading his entrepreneurial project in parallel with his studies. A look back at a business creation that took place during her Bachelor years!

Weekends are busy for Noam and his partner Thomas.

We just came back from a wedding in Nantes, they explain. We provided the entire photo shoot as well as the film of the event.”

For the two students still in school, the longest is still to come in a very short time. The sorting of hundreds of shots taken with the utmost care and especially the editing of the video.

“Very strict instructions from the bride!” laughs Noam.

At 20 years old, the young man can pride himself on managing his micro-business with lucidity and passion. Before coming back to the projects of the two creators, let’s go back to the genesis of the agency “CLICK!

Our project to create a multimedia production company took shape during our Event and Project Managementcourse ,” says Noam. We were able to do our first work, draw up our first client estimates, and manage our first worries too! We were also able to manage our first worries.

Noam and Thomas’ company is called “CLICK! A simple and striking choice, in resonance with the digital world.

A company made in Bachelor

The fundamental subjects of the first and second year of the Bachelor’s program (financial management, marketing, law, business development, etc.) were essential to create our structure, develop it and give it a competitive advantage,” explain the two students.

“We want to move towards a high-end positioning, by offering corporate videos for companies. With very good quality equipment that we have invested in.”

Today, “CLICK!” is solicited to cover local events with a very clear objective: to increase the SEO and the visibility of the employer brand on social networks.

To increase their skills and develop their business, the two students opted for the “Digital Marketing and Communication” specialization in their third year. They now have solid knowledge and skills that they can continue to refine in a specialized Master’s degree on the Chambéry campus. Good luck to their little business!

Updated 25 January 2024