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Hi, I’m Thomas, a 3rd year student in the Bachelor Sport Business program.

After high school, I decided to enroll in the INSEEC Bachelor’s program because I had a strong interest in sports and was planning to work in this field, but didn’t have a precise idea of the possible professions. Joining the INSEEC Bachelor enables me to discover the specificities of the sports sector while acquiring the fundamentals of business in general (Finance, Marketing, Strategy/Management/Communication/Law/Corporate Culture, etc.) which offers me a wide choice of career opportunities.

The professionalization offered in the INSEEC Bachelor program was also an important element for me in my studies: I wanted concrete lessons to better understand the business world. What’s more, the professional lecturers we meet during our courses, our internships with companies and our practical seminars enable us to make the link between theory and practice.

Also, the good understanding between students (everyone knows each other) and above all the exchanges and the relationship of trust that we have with the lecturers and teaching teams, they are available for us, allows us to be followed and accompanied and for me it was also essential at post bac to keep a framework of studies and not to be left to my own devices.

As far as my career plans are concerned, first of all I’d like to finish my Bachelor’s degree and then go on to study for a Master’s degree so that later I can work for a ski or bike brand (in a communications, marketing or product management department, yet to be defined, I’m gradually refining my career plans) and why not, create my own brand!

Currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree, I’m a work-study student at ZAG Skis in Chamonix (74) as a store manager. It’s an exceptional opportunity for me to have landed this work-study contract because, in a very short time, my professional goal has become a reality, even though I haven’t even left school! I think that my time at the INSEEC Bachelor has been a real springboard for this work-study program, because the INSEEC Bachelor’s active “learning by doing” pedagogy and the professional immersions we have to carry out mean that today we are ready to enter the business world, and recruiters appreciate our ability to adapt and our knowledge of the professional environment. This new experience will, I hope, open new doors for me for the rest of my career…

My motto is: “Make your life a dream and a dream a reality”. If you give yourself the means, if you have the desire, everyone can do what they dream of. INSEEC offers a wide range of career options, not just sports! Orientation is stressful because it’s the unknown, so if you have any questions about the courses on offer, student life or any other subject, don’t wait any longer, write to me! See you soon, Thomas.

Updated 5 April 2024