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“Travel to teach in Thailand” is the story of Madeline and Onissa, two high school friends who, in two weeks of classes at the Bachelor’s degree program, created this magnificent project and decided to leave.

“We lived the project viscerally for six months!”

As part of the Project Management subject in the first year of the Bachelor’s program, Madeline and Onissa went to Thailand for a month in April 2017, in a poor region in the north to teach French to kindergarten, primary and high school students.

“I am Thai, so I spoke in my native language with them. I hadn’t been back to Thailand for several years and I also wanted to see my country again.

At the beginning, the questions of budgets arise; thanks to the Management courses, they study the viability of the project. These management courses have been essential!

“As soon as we had the validation of our trip after having submitted the project and budget to our Program Manager, we carried out actions almost every week and during school events: meals and evenings during Hallowen, muffin and cake sales at Christmas markets outside the school.

By organizing this project, they learn to be directive, teamwork, to complement each other and to know the strengths and weaknesses of their team members, to be autonomous, responsible. Once on site, no more apprehension! This trip gave them a lot more confidence; they were giving classes sometimes to thirty people of their generation, so when they came back, the apprehension for oral presentations in class at Inseec completely disappeared, “and even for everyday life,” adds Madeline.

In chorus : “Making projects is what we like best at Inseec”.

And their professional projects?


“I would like to do international business on the Asian continent. What I like is to speak several languages. The easiest way to go abroad is to do humanitarian work, but my professional project is to join a company abroad, in Asia”.


“I am drawn to fine jewelry, my persistent idea is that I would like to sell what I produce, create my own jewelry to sell.

One thing is for sure: Madeline and Onissa still want to do humanitarian work during their studies, to do activities with children in orphanages and to take care of them in the evening.

They conclude on a very optimistic note and with a big smile:

“When you have an opportunity to do a project like this, definitely don’t waste it!”; it’s an opportunity in GOLD to travel while in school!”

Giving it your all is worth it!

Travel to teach in Thailand

Updated 24 February 2022