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Become an International Development Manager

Title of “International Development Manager” level 7 (EU) registered in the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications) under the NSF codes 312m, 312p, 310p. Registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications on June 01, 2022.


The “International Development Manager” plays an essential role in the company by contributing to its international development. He/she identifies new market opportunities, implements and manages the international development strategy and participates in the marketing and sales plans in an omnichannel and international context in order to increase the company’s turnover.

Often required to coordinate the company’s commercial development, his organizational and relational skills specific to an international context allow him to manage relevant strategic development projects and thus manage the company’s strategic international partnerships.

In addition to leading and supervising the company’s international development strategy and the various projects associated with it, his role involves managing an international and multicultural team.

What jobs can you do with this RNCP title?

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the different functions for which the certified persons can apply:

  • International business development manager
  • International Business Developer
  • Business Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Business Manager
  • International key account manager

“In response to business needs

In the context of globalization in which we live, the internationalization of companies and their activities is essential because it allows them to open up to new markets and thus to renew their clientele and their partners. Moreover, the phenomenon of the digital transformation of companies, which implies an evolution of the commercial professions, makes more sense in an international context, leading to an exchange of practices and a standardization of methods. The “International Development Manager” course is designed to meet the demands of the market and the skill requirements of companies in this constantly changing sector.

What are the skills developed?

At the end of the training, students will have acquired the following blocks of competencies:

  • Define the international development strategy and propose a relevant offer according to the geographical target
  • Steering the international development strategy
  • Managing strategic international partnerships
  • Managing international teams.

This certification is accessible by capitalization of these blocks of skills.

Examples of courses (non-exhaustive list)

International Management

International relations and geopolitics

This course deals with the interplay of Governmental and Corporate interests in our contemporary world. It addresses the different types of power used to obtain global objectives and the hierarchies of power and influence on the planet today. It also implies the understanding of pressures and processes that drive a company to become an international business.

International market research

Basic theory, tools and actual examples of techniques used in market research. How research can be used to help make informed strategic as well as marketing decisions to help create opportunities/solve real business problems. How to introduce products into different geographic areas.

Risk management

Globalization – today’s market realities compel medium and large size corporations to expand internationally in order to meet the growth demanded by investors.
The vision of this course is to provide the basic tools and insights into deciding whether to take a company international, and how to analyze and manage the associated risks. Students will also be required to make a series of presentations, as if to a board of directors, about their findings.

Cross cultural management

In today’s cosmopolitan workplace, corporations have noticed an inability of most managers to successfully work with cultural diversity. The need for cultural awareness is driven by both the increasing internationalization of business brought about by post World War II globalization and the increased desire for diversity in the workplace.

Finance & Management

Incoterms and payment methods

Incoterms is an abbreviation of “International Commercial Terms” published by the International Chamber of Commerce. Participants are introduced to this set of rules established for the interpretation of the most commonly used trade terms in foreign trade which parties to a contract can agree upon to avoid misunderstandings, disputes and litigation.

International financial techniques

Understand the financial needs associated with basic operations in contemporary international commerce.
Acquire the indispensable techniques for international financial management.
Learn to choose and use the best tools with a solid approach.

Financial risk management

Financial risks associated with international commerce.
Organizations capable of intervention and the main techniques they propose.
The importance of short-term finance and cash flow management.

Key markets

American market

This course deals with the economic, social and political context of business activities throughout North America. Special attention is paid to the factors that shape the business environment. How do they face the growing competition of the new emerging markets?

Latin american market

The course highlights the differences between management and corporate structures in South America and the West. It also outlines the skills needed for successful management in the Latin American environment. Other topics including manufacturing and sourcing, tips for the successful export of products to South American.

Japanese and korean markets

Introduces participants to the difficulties foreign companies encounter and the requirements they need to meet in order to enter the Japanese market. The markets characteristics and business opportunities will be presented and discussed. Participants also gain familiarity with the history and macroeconomics of Japan, as well as the Japanese distribution system.

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Updated 18 July 2022