What job should you do when you love luxury?

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Currently, luxury is one of the sectors undergoing massive recruitment. The channels are as multiple as the opportunities. Moreover, the sector is constantly expanding. Do you love luxury and want to make a career in it? What job should you do when you love luxury? We will guide you.

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Which job is for me if I like luxury?

Loving luxury is not enough to choose your dream job. Several criteria must be taken into account. Nevertheless, you can choose among the most popular professions that offer more opportunities, such as the sub-sectors :

  • fashion and accessories ;
  • sales, marketing and management of luxury goods;
  • perfumery and cosmetics;
  • the arts of the table, gastronomy and the hotel trade.

What job should I do in the luxury industry?

The professions of luxury craftsmanship are among the most prized. The sector offers many opportunities in the jewelry, gastronomy, oenology, fashion, watchmaking, automobile, leather goods and perfume industries. These luxury professions require an eye for detail and a strong taste for excellence.

What job should I do in luxury communication and marketing?

Working in the luxury industry means being able to evolve in universes as different as cosmetics, perfumery, jewelry, gastronomy, but also fashion. Whether you have a Bachelor’s degree from a business school or an MBA, the luxury sector offers you a wide range of jobs in communication and marketing:

  • event manager ;
  • community manager ;
  • collection manager ;
  • head of sales ;
  • merchandising manager ;
  • luxury marketing product manager ;
  • luxury marketing project manager ;
  • luxury marketing manager ;
  • e-commerce manager.

Even if the creation of clothing and accessory lines is part of the luxury industry, this sector also recruits other communication professionals such as the communication officer, the community manager or the luxury communication manager.

What job to do when you love cosmetics and fashion in the luxury industry?

Do you like cosmetics and luxury fashion? There are many opportunities waiting for you in the market. If you are more of a designer, you can work as a :

  • stylist ;
  • jeweler – Jeweller ;
  • watchmaker ;
  • goldsmith ;
  • milliner, hatmaker ;
  • perfume designer ;
  • superior technician in cosmetics ;
  • artistic director.

On the other hand, if you want to work as a salesperson, manager or consultant, the most sought-after jobs are :

  • quality controller for fashion and luxury ;
  • merchandiser ;
  • visual merchandiser ;
  • ready-to-wear salesman ;
  • store manager;
  • showroom manager ;
  • luxury sales consultant ;
  • advertising manager;
  • buyer ;
  • manager specialized in luxury ;
  • visual merchandiser.

How many languages do you need to speak to work in the luxury industry?

Luxury is becoming an increasingly important part of the global economy. In fact, this sector includes almost all nationalities. In this way, to succeed in your career in luxury, you must live up to the expectations of your clients. This means that foreign languages are a “must” to succeed in this sector. Thus, learning and mastering a number of foreign languages will allow you to easily find a career in the luxury industry. The combination of French and English is already excellent. But in addition to English, three additional languages are also important for a job in the luxury industry. We can list Chinese, Russian and Arabic. According to studies, China, Russia and the United Arab Emirates have increased their consumption of luxury goods.

In other words, mastering several languages gives you more opportunities in the luxury world. But speaking French and English remains a minimum.

Which course to choose at INSEEC if you like luxury?

If you like luxury, you can opt for our specialized training at INSEEC. Indeed, we offer a specialization in Luxury and Wine. The INSEEC Luxury & Wine programs allow you to acquire expertise in several areas:

Our luxury and wine training courses can be integrated at all levels. Whether you are a student or a professional in retraining, INSEEC’s Luxury & Wine division offers programs from BAC+1 to BAC+5, which cover all the specialties of the luxury world.

Find out more in our FAQ dedicated to luxury.


Updated 13 July 2023