What future for direct sales?

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Direct sales take place between a brand and the end user, without intermediaries or distributors. It gives a small business the ability to build and manage its own relationships with its customers. Selling is one of the most important aspects of business. INSEEC is a business school that leads to many training courses in this sector. You can follow a training course in alternation to gain experience and launch yourself into direct sales.

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What is direct selling?

Direct selling is a situation in which a seller sells his own products directly to consumers or buyers. This operation does not require the intervention of a third party, commonly called “intermediary”.

This method is usually used door-to-door, in virtual or online stores, in other places that are not official stores. The application of this strategy offers several functions, one of which is to obtain products without intermediaries in the distribution process; in particular, it allows the optimization of its commercial margin.

Therefore, the product will be sent directly by the company to the location where the consumer is located or has previously ordered.

How does a direct sale work?

There are several types of direct selling in the business world, each with its own meaning and purpose. Direct distribution is based on the way the seller transmits the product to the consumer.

Sale by a host or by a group

The use of direct sales through an organizer or host applies to large groups or potential customers. Vendors create a social event to promote the products they sell.

Usually, a distributor or sales representative invites his potential customers to his home or to someone else’s home. In this sale, you talk to a group about your products. You demonstrate your products to them. You distribute product-related materials and take orders. This is an original way to do business and have fun at the same time.

Single level direct sales

This type of sale requires sellers to visit the homes of potential buyers. For those who have a very large percentage of people wanting to buy, this type can also be done offline or online.

Multi-level marketing

This term has become more familiar as this type of sale has expanded in recent years. Multi-level marketing focuses on recruiting new members, not on successful product sales.

Examples of single-level direct sales are: door-to-door sales, catalog sales, and in-person presentation sales. You approach each customer with a personalized direct sales approach.

In multi-level direct selling, sales representatives are hired by companies to sell their products. This sale is done through business partners. It is also carried out :

  • on online platforms;
  • by selling product catalogs;
  • or by selling on social networks.

Why be qualified in direct sales?

Direct selling is adapting to the digital retail space. Many sellers have decided to sell products online while preserving the core value of direct selling. It is a personal connection that allows consumers to acquire the best products and services. This sector has maintained its relevance and continues to develop despite strong competition.

Direct sales is a dynamic and reliable distribution channel offering quality products and personalized services. She is an effective model. It has always adapted to market and demographic changes without losing sight of its character.

What is the future of direct sales?

Direct selling is not an activity that everyone can do. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to succeed. Nowadays, people have become a bit skeptical about buying from someone who shows up at their door.

Therefore, if you go into direct selling, you must be prepared for a lot of rejection. In addition, there is a negative image of direct sellers in the market.

As job cuts and losses continue to plague the economy, direct selling has emerged as a stable supplemental source of income for many people across the country.

Its space has gradually adapted to social media and influencer-driven marketing. The coming year will see a major shift in direction. Social media is now an essential part of any organization’s growth strategy.

Direct sales players will also start to rely more on social media marketing. These are designed to improve their appeal to the target audience.

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Updated 13 July 2023