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What is an apprentice? An apprentice is anyone who is learning a trade. An apprentice differs from a trainee in that he or she is considered a full-fledged employee. An employment contract called an apprenticeship contract is established between the apprentice, the training center and the host company. The apprentice receives a monthly salary to reward him for his work. In this article, we will detail for you what a salaried apprentice contract in a company is. We’ll look at how much an apprentice’s salary is currently and what other benefits they receive as an employee.

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What is an employee on an apprenticeship contract?

It is important to distinguish between an apprenticeship contract, a work-study contract and an internship contract.

Work-study programs is a training system that allows the student to alternate between school and company. The main objective of this system is to give young students the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice in a company. At the same time, the trainee follows theoretical training. In other words, he has one foot in the practice of the trade and another foot in learning in theory.

It should now be emphasized that the apprenticeship contract is a type of work-study contract, just like the internship and the professionalization contract.

The specificity of an apprenticeship contract is that its objective is to accompany the student in order to ensure that he or she obtains a higher technological or professional diploma. However, the student receives an apprentice salary. Are you in the midst of a university education or considering returning to school? The apprenticeship contract is available to you, regardless of age.

What salary for an apprentice in 2022?

Just like the way in which the salary of an apprentice is calculated, several elements are taken into account in defining the salary received by an apprentice. These include age and year of study when the contract is signed. The amount of an apprentice’s salary is then calculated on the basis of the gross monthly SMIC, which since May 1 is 1,645.58 euros gross per month on the basis of 35 hours. These 35 hours already include the hours of training in CFA. Here is the amount of salary received by an apprentice according to his age and year of study:

  • for minors (16 and 17 years old): the salary received in the first year is 444.30 €, i.e. 27% of the SMIC, 641.77 € in the second year, i.e. 39% of the SMIC and 905.06 € in the third year, i.e. 55% of the SMIC;
  • for apprentices aged 18 to 20: the salary received in the first year is €707.59, i.e. 43% of the SMIC, €839.24 in the second year, i.e. 51% of the SMIC, and €1003.80 in the third year, i.e. 67% of the SMIC;
  • for apprentices aged 21 to 25: the salary received in the first year is €872.15, i.e. 53% of the SMIC, €1,080 in the second year, i.e. 61% of the SMIC and €1,283.55 in the third year, i.e. 78% of the SMIC;
  • for apprentices aged 26 and over, the salary received is the same from the first to the third year: €1,645.58, i.e. 100% of the SMIC.

The government has set up a number of apprenticeship assistance programs for adult apprentices. Students under 21 years of age receive an apprenticeship bonus of 335 euros. This amount is paid by bank transfer in a single payment to the student. Apart from that, there is also the financial aid for thecategory Bdriving license which is 500 euros. In order to prevent possible delays or non-payment of rent, the Loca Pass or Visale guarantee was created to protect students. In addition to this guarantee, the mobili-jeune aid finances part of the rent for apprentice students under 30 years old.

What other benefits are there for an employee on an apprenticeship contract?

An apprentice can have several types of contracts within a company: a limited-term contract or CDL, an open-ended contract or CDI, or a 4-year contract for an apprentice recognized as a disabled worker.

As an employee of the company, the student also benefits from other advantages besides the apprentice’s salary, such as paid annual leave, maternity or paternity leave, leave for a civil union, marriage or death in the family. Mobility for a job abroad is also possible if you are interested. However, the duration of the contract abroad must not exceed 1 year.

Also note that the school’s business service has set up specific coaching and assistance in finding a company, so don’t hesitate to contact them to take advantage of it!

Moreover, the State has set up a very interesting hiring aid to encourage the hiring of apprentices!
Do you have other questions about work-study? Please feel free to consult our dedicated Frequently Asked Questions.

Updated 1 August 2023