Why do a marketing course?

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Marketing is an ever-evolving field in which you will always need to hone your skills. So, many new bachelor’s degree holders wonder why they should study marketing? In this article, we present you with the reasons why a marketing training is essential for you to evolve in this sector.

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Why would you want to take a marketing course?

Have you ever thought about taking a marketing course?

If you’ve ever taken the step of looking into it, you’ve probably noticed that companies are willing to pay good money to those who know how to build an effective marketing strategy. This is because marketing is a very complex discipline that requires a high level of expertise. In addition, many industries require marketing professionals. Marketing is a discipline that requires a lot of technical knowledge. This is not surprising, given that its practice involves bringing together several disciplines, such as law, economics and computer science.

To deal with this complexity, you’ll need to first understand the laws and codes that govern the business world, and then learn how to use them in your own industry. There are several types of marketing training. For example, you can take courses on digital marketing, or on sales and negotiation. To know everything about marketing, we have prepared for you everything you need to know about this field.

What are the courses taught in a marketing course?

Marketing training is designed to give you the knowledge to run your own business, or to find a job in this field.

If you want to pursue a career in marketing, you’ll need specialized training. Many schools offer programs in this area. But what courses will you take during your studies? There are several, here are some examples:

  • marketing: the art of selling products and persuading the customer to buy them;
  • marketing: how to carry out effective communication campaigns for a company?
  • international marketing: how to sell your products internationally?
  • Commercial strategy: how to make your commercial strategy evolve according to the market?
  • marketing mix: study of the market, the product, the positioning;
  • digital marketing: how to deploy its actions on digital channels.

How long does a marketing course last?

The length of a marketing course depends on the type of course you are taking. Indeed, some of them are very specialized, and depending on the level of degree you are aiming for, its duration will inevitably vary. Training courses at Bac +3 and Bac +5 level will allow you to become a professional in the field of marketing. If you choose to study at a business school, the training lasts on average 3 years. The average duration of a master’s degree is 5 years.

What are the opportunities for a marketing education?

The job of marketing manager will allow you to perform different functions within a company. You will have to manage the marketing budget, define communication strategies, carry out market research, and create advertising campaigns. You can also do management consulting if you are a graduate of a business school.

Once you graduate, many opportunities will open up for you. Rather than choosing to join a company, you can also start a self-employed business and create your own structure. You will be able to put your skills at the service of your clients. Thus, the skills of a marketing graduate will be sought after in many sectors of activity, such as: production, events, the public sector, or the advertising sector.

What kind of marketing training is available at INSEEC?

INSEEC offers a specialization in marketing. The training is composed of common and specific modules, and will allow you to acquire the necessary skills to exercise the profession of marketing project manager for example. In particular, you will develop your general culture, learn about sales and communication techniques, discover business development methods and management techniques.

At the end of your training, whether it is a Bachelor’s degree, a BBA, a Grande Ecole program, an MSc, and depending on the specialization you have chosen, you will be able to apply for positions in companies or create your own structure.

How to apply for a marketing course at INSEEC?

You are interested in the marketing training at INSEEC, and you want to register? So don’t wait and contact us to find out the dates of our next admissions competitions! To do so, simply fill out the contact form on the school’s homepage. To register, you will simply need to put together your application. The latter will be studied in parallel with your entrance exam.

You will then be notified whether or not you are eligible. Once you have been selected, all you have to do is validate your registration to enter the school.

Updated 18 October 2023