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INSEEC MSc & MBA is pleased to announce that it has obtained the Qualiopi quality certification in 2020, the new brand for training providers. The readability and quality of INSEEC’s MSc & MBA training offer were rewarded during several days of audits carried out on its different sites (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Chambéry). The certification was issued by AFNOR Certification, one of the certifying bodies accredited by the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC), during the month of November 2020 and is valid for four years. 

Unveiled on November 7, 2019 by the Ministry of Labor, Qualiopi is the new quality certification for training organizations in the professional training sector. This new brand has a dual purpose:

  • to certify the quality of the process implemented by the training organizations contributing to the development of skills, whether it is a question of training actions, skills assessments, actions allowing the validation of acquired experience or training actions through apprenticeship.
  • to allow companies and the public benefiting from training to understand more easily the training offer proposed by the training organizations.

Qualiopi quality certification will become mandatory from January 1, 2022 for all training organizations wishing to continue to provide training through apprenticeship and validation of prior learning, and/or wishing to continue to provide training or skills assessment.

Precise quality criteria:

The audit that allows to certify that a training organization corresponds to the National Quality Reference (RNQ) of the Ministry of Labor to obtain the Qualiopi certification is based on 32 indicators divided into 7 unique criteria:

  1. Conditions for informing the public about the services offered, the time required to access them and the results obtained.
  2. Precise identification of the objectives of the proposed services and adaptation of these services to the beneficiaries, when designing the services.
  3. Adaptation of the services and the reception, support, follow-up and evaluation methods put in place to the beneficiary public.
  4. Adequacy of the teaching, technical and supervisory resources for the services provided.
  5. Qualification and development of the knowledge and skills of the teams in charge of implementing the services.
  6. Registration and investment of the provider in his professional environment.
  7. Collecting and taking into account the assessments and complaints formulated by the parties involved in the services provided.

During the various audits carried out by AFNOR Certification, several positive points were raised by the auditor:

  • The strong commitment of the teams to the Qualiopi certification project, which has been in preparation for a year.
  • The ambitious pedagogical engineering of INSEEC’s MSc & MBA programs, well anchored in the needs and evolutions of companies and learners.
  • Rigorous and precise measures have been put in place to support learners and trainers during their training as part of their skills development

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Updated 24 February 2022