Maxime, Bachelor 2nd year : training in management in London

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If Maxime, a2nd year student, chose to join INSEEC’s post-baccalaureate programs in business and management, it is above all for the international dimension that is offered (courses in English, multicultural mix with international students and professors, semesters abroad, etc.). He therefore did not hesitate to do part of his management studies abroad and spent a semester at the INSEEC campus in London.

International at the gates of Paris

“London is an ideal destination for a first international experience. Located a few hours from Paris and sharing a common European culture, the British capital offers a different but not disorienting vision and it is very reassuring! After this semester, I think that London is a very diverse city. There is a great melting pot and the model of “living together” is exemplary. It feels right away!”

A “So British” educational program

London is also a global financial center and a must for students interested in advertising, fashion, architecture or new technologies – all of which are in vogue.

“The teaching staff on site pushes us to excel. The courses are essentially centered on the culture and the business dimension of the country. The lecturers share their professional experiences and successfully immerse us in their respective subjects!”

London: a productive experience

For Maxime, the London experience was as positive as it was enriching.

“Leaving what we know, shaking up our habits to try something new is very rewarding and fulfilling. I highly recommend going and taking advantage of this opportunity… It’s an investment for the future!”

Updated 24 February 2022