What job can I do after a Staps course?

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The jobs accessible after a STAPS (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities) training can be differentiated according to whether they are related to :

  • to management
  • to teaching, education and training
  • in training
  • to sports animation

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Sports management jobs after a STAPS degree

Store Manager

The sports world is constantly evolving and offers a vast number of possibilities, forcing sports store managers to keep abreast of new developments and to constantly offer state-of-the-art equipment.

He is in charge of a team of trained salespeople, specialized department managers and workshop technicians. He or she is responsible for assigning responsibilities to each person and ensuring that each position is well coordinated. He supervises recruitment and training so that each element is quickly operational in its field. He is in charge of promoting certain brands or articles according to his own organization and sales strategies. Not all sports are equally popular with the public.

The Sports Store Manager works closely with the Purchasing Manager and various business partners. He is responsible for promoting their products. Its responsibility is important in the company, both from a commercial and economic point of view. He spends a great deal of time developing sales strategies to maximize profits and meet the objectives presented to him.

Sports department manager

Reporting to a lower level than the store manager, the department manager has many employees under his responsibility. It is therefore his duty to motivate them in their task and to accompany them. He is also in charge of recruiting and has the ability to build a strong and consistent team for his area. Each element is specialized in a discipline, depending on the department it deals with.

He is also responsible for inventory management. Thus, it is he who takes care of the orders made to the suppliers.

From a wide range of products in the catalog, the department manager selects the brands he or she wishes to highlight, while taking care of their presentation. Each step of the marketing process will be validated by him. Thus, labeling, product placement, promotion and even shelf animations are supervised by him. Its success in the field depends on its ability to anticipate the needs of its customers, adapting the offer to them.

There are several trainings that can lead to this job. A DUT in marketing techniques, a BTS in sales, a bachelor’s degree from a business school, and a STAPS degree in sports management are all possible.

Project manager for sports events

The mission of the event project manager is to organize sports events in compliance with a drastic set of specifications. The job is basically the same as that of a standard project manager, but the clients are more sports organizations or even institutions such as clubs or federations.

The position requires a high degree of mobility and responsibility, as the scope of the work can be quite extensive. He must then deal with a large number of trades that he must coordinate from the beginning to the end of the event. It is therefore a particularly sharp sense of organization that is required of the event project manager. He or she must also have a thorough knowledge of the sport entity as a whole, its rules and principles.

Because of the multiplicity of his tasks, he must be a good manager, with an excellent resistance to stress and a facility in international relations. The practice of one or more modern languages is an essential asset.

Jobs in teaching, education and training after a STAPS course

PE teacher

Affiliated with a school, the PE teacher wears many hats. He knows the regulations for many disciplines (swimming, athletics, gymnastics, etc.) and is responsible for managing all aspects of them. It is a great versatility that it is required so much its missions are vast and diversified. He must master multiple data such as safety rules, material distribution or pedagogy to be applied to students. He/she must adapt his/her teaching to the facilities available in the institution.

The PE teacher has a special place among the rest of the teaching staff. It allows students to develop their motor skills, their team spirit and their resistance to effort. He is an outstanding mediator and observer, who participates in the dynamism and psychological development of the students through dialogue, exercise and self-improvement.

To access this position, the student must complete a three-year STAPS degree and then enroll in the second year of the Master’s program in order to prepare for the Capes competitive examination (Certificat d’aptitude au professorat d’éducation physique et sportive).

School teacher

At the heart of a single class, the school teacher works in nursery or elementary schools with children aged 3 to 11. Depending on the age, the subjects vary but revolve around general subjects such as mathematics, French, geography or science. It is a position that requires a lot of involvement and offers multiple missions.

He must teach collectively while following the individual evolution of each child. As a teacher, he knows how to establish a relationship of trust and respect in order to maintain the attention of the students throughout the day and to help them progress during the year.

His or her position may evolve greatly and turn to other teaching assignments, such as head of school or special education teacher.

It takes 5 years to obtain the Master’s degree and pass the national education exam.

Educational Project Manager

The educational project manager is first and foremost a manager, with real leadership skills and the ability to unite people around a project. Meticulous and orderly, his sense of analysis allows him to prioritize missions and to organize his teams in a pragmatic way.

He/she initiates a pedagogical project, from which he/she will develop strategies and concrete objectives. His great oratory skills as well as his mastery of computer tools give him a global vision of each aspect of the project. He/she designs teaching tools via manuals or computer supports, and observes the proper conduct of training and evaluations. Its management is multiple.

It involves recruitment, orientation of trainers and transmission of teaching methods. He has an eye on everything, including budget management. He is a true conductor who is involved in the pedagogical follow-up of the students.

Teacher / Researcher

The teacher-researcher is first and foremost a professor. Its primary mission is to accompany students in the transmission of knowledge in a given discipline. Starting from an initial research point, he conducts experiments and questions himself, hypothesizes, analyzes facts and communicates his results. He is the instigator of the starting subjects. It also has the mission of applying for funding. This is a multi-hat position with many responsibilities.

It develops specialized learning modules, directs the preparation of doctoral students’ theses. Its research can be developed in a center, in a laboratory or in collaboration with the CNRS. He also advises students on their orientation and is in charge of the follow-up of their dissertations.

Coaching jobs after a STAPS course

Sports trainer

The sports trainer’s objective is to optimize the performance of players in a specific discipline. He works for a sports federation or a club, and uses his experience to establish an adapted teaching method. He is responsible for the targeted training for each player, according to the observation he will have made during the training sessions. He determines the strengths and weaknesses of each person to offer technical, mental and physical support to maximize their chances of success.

In order to reach this position, he will have to complete 3 years of a Staps License with a specialization in sports training, followed by two years of a Master’s degree with a specialization in training.

Personal trainer

Personal trainers have been on the rise in recent years. Their missions are very diversified in order to lead people towards fulfillment and well-being. Whether it is for muscle strengthening, psychological support or weight loss, the sports coach is there to establish a personalized program.

Its role is to coach and accompany individuals towards the success of their objectives that they have set together. He can teach in a center or at home, in group or individual sessions. Its mission is carried out in partnership with the students, whose motivation and involvement are the basis for the success of the program.

A Youth, Popular Education and Sport certificate is required for this position, along with a Staps license.

Technical sports director

Under the authority of the general management, the sports technical director generally works in a team. He or she carries the responsibility for the policy of the club or federation on his or her shoulders. Observed and judged on each of his decisions, he is also under the control of the results generated by his team. He is therefore under great pressure on a daily basis.

The program and budget it establishes is decided jointly with the federation. He is responsible for negotiating player contracts, keeping an eye out for potential new recruits, deciding on the constitution of a team, and carrying out logistical and administrative tasks. His omnipresence gives him a key role in the club.

Sports Manager

The role of the sports manager is multi-sectoral. He/she is responsible for the administrative follow-up of the various procedures of his/her club, as well as for the promotion of official events. It acts both internally and externally and plays a key role in maintaining relations with the federation’s partners, whether they are sponsors or representatives of sports institutions.

His missions are varied and related to the size of the structure he is in charge of. He or she may also be responsible for the economic development of the club while keeping an eye on the general maintenance of the facilities, logistics and cleanliness of the premises. A fine strategist, he is responsible for recruiting the sports staff, but also for technical and logistical matters. It is really a supervisory role that leads him to coordinate all these actions, and to organize the schedules of each position. He or she is constantly under pressure to achieve results for his or her club, while respecting an allotted budget.

After a Bachelor’s degree or a 3-year Bachelor’s degree, it is necessary to complete two additional years of a Master’s degree in Sports Management in order to aim for such a job.

Jobs in the field of sports activities after a STAPS course

Sports Animator

The role of the sports leader is to supervise and accompany the practice of a physical activity for a group of people or an individual, whether they are amateurs or regular sportsmen. To do this, he knows a wide range of exercises and can offer advice on how to deepen his knowledge, adapted to each individual.

Beyond his physical condition which is exemplary, the sports instructor is a teacher and knows how to target the needs of each person to maximize the chances of reaching their objectives. His first quality is the enthusiasm to transmit his knowledge in order to motivate his interlocutors. Finally, he maintains a constant attention on the safety of his students and has first aid skills in case of an incident.

Educator in the sports department of a community

The educator in the sports department of a community has the mission of accompanying children, people with disabilities or families in their sports practice. The target is therefore very diverse and generally focuses on the transmission of a particular discipline.

It can be the origin of sports events and carries out its activity at the rhythm of the school slots. Of course, beyond the practice of one or more sports activities, he is responsible for administrative, logistical and supervisory activities related to his activity.

Local governments use this type of position in order to provide satisfactory public services that meet growing demands. Indeed, the development of individualized sports activities is a direct response to a growing need for wellness, body maintenance, fight against stress and general health improvement.

Jobs related to disability, after a STAPS course

Educator in a medical-educational institute

The educator in a medical-educational institute works with people with mental or physical disabilities. In specialized rehabilitation centers, hospitals or children’s homes, the educator uses various sectors such as computers or the performing arts to facilitate expression, autonomy and self-confidence.

He or she works in partnership with other professionals, who form a socio-educational team. Deeply rooted in the daily life of his patients, he can also intervene in places of life such as housing estates or integration houses. Through its actions, it prevents certain excesses such as delinquency and drug addiction, and promotes social and professional reintegration. This position requires strong nerves, a certain ability to work in a team, and a constant personal commitment.

Teacher in adapted physical activities

The adapted physical activity teacher’s mission is to design and evaluate programs for the rehabilitation, through targeted physical activities, of people suffering from various disorders. They can be related to metabolic disorders, motor functions, old age or chronic diseases. Through various actions and regular practices, it promotes the reintegration of certain isolated or sidelined people. They can work in hospitals, care centers or children’s services. This type of position requires a lot of empathy and adaptation.

The APA teachers benefit from a training within the framework of the course Physical Activity adapted to health (APA-S) within the Licence STAPS. By registering in the sportsman’s code, they can intervene with a public with specific needs. The training can be completed with a Master’s degree to obtain additional skills and new animation programs.

Inspector of Youth and Sports

The Youth and Sports Inspector is responsible for the administrative control of public policies implemented by the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sports. It inspects, analyzes and controls the examination procedures for the award of state diplomas in the sector.

Multi-hatted role, he officiates as much on the field as on the administrative level. It is also intended to provide advice and to direct study and research missions in the above-mentioned fields. He or she may also perform supervisory duties in public establishments under the authority of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The positions are tenured by order of the same ministry and are mainly focused on physical and sports education, community recreation and, more generally, community life. The inspectors thus evaluate the pedagogical procedures of the staff within the institutions.

Jobs related to research after a STAPS course

Researcher in sports biology

The sports biology researcher studies the human body when it is under stress, in order to decipher and understand its functioning. It is really a scientific approach that focuses on the impact of sport on the body.

In addition to study and research, his mission is to design programs related to traumatology, movement analysis and biomechanics. He works in partnership with volunteer athletes, studying their endurance and physiological reactions. He can then be hired by companies working in the field of sports to create and develop high-performance sports equipment. His field of action is wide and his work is mostly done in laboratories or research institutes.

In order to reach such a level, it will be necessary to work several years, up to 8 years after the baccalaureate to obtain the necessary diploma (doctorate in sports medicine).

What training to do after studying STAPS?

In most cases, STAPS students do not limit themselves to a Bachelor’s degree and wish to continue their studies, in particular by doing a Master’s degree in STAPS in order to specialize. It is also possible to integrate other courses than the university in private establishments, oriented towards the sports professions.

Many schools offer targeted programs for those who have completed a STAPS program. INSEEC, for example, offers students the opportunity to specialize in the sports industry through several programs:

These programs will enable them to acquire advanced knowledge in management, marketing, communication and management, which are essential for accessing senior management positions.

For all those who have a passion for sports and do not see themselves working in another sector, learn more about the sport management, jobs and salaries. Do not hesitate to consult our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about jobs, salaries and opportunities in sport!

Updated 17 May 2023