What studies to learn about business development?

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For a company in the sales field to succeed, it must focus on business development. This is indeed an essential area to be able to optimize the turnover. Thanks to training courses, it is possible to master business development perfectly.

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What is business development?

To ensure the sustainability of your company, you must master business development. Know that selling is not enough. The most important thing is to always be on the lookout for new customers, to align your offerings with the needs and expectations of consumers, and to build customer loyalty.

Business development helps you master everything. Indeed, it is a concept that aims to put in place methods, a strategy and tools that allow for the alignment of objectives and resources based on the development of a business action plan (BAP).

The CAP is an excellent way to ensure the viability of a business and to acquire a medium and long term vision. Simply put, business development is about ensuring steady sales growth. Without this process, a company cannot last.

What studies should I do to learn business development?

Business development is a key factor in the success of the business. You must then understand all the essential points related to it. To do this, it is possible to follow training courses, which allow you to learn business development.

In general, these are courses in business schools or engineering schools, with a specialization in business. You can opt for a minimum of 2 years of higher education in a commercial specialization such as the BTS in negotiation and digitalization of customer relations or the license in technical sales negotiation. Otherwise, a Bac+3 level training such as a Bachelor’s degree in Sales and Commercial Negotiation will also allow you to learn about commercial development.

To deepen your knowledge even more, you can choose to study for a Bac+5 in Business Development, Business Engineer-Business Developer or Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Why would you want to study to learn business development?

There are several reasons why you might want to study to learn business development. First, as a business owner, it allows you to learn how to grow your business. It is also a way to guarantee the development of your company. In addition, these types of studies are appropriate if:

  • you like professional versatility;
  • You are a good communicator and you are at ease with the relational aspect;
  • you are a salesman at heart;
  • you are persevering and always listening;
  • You are determined, organized and persuasive.

Learning business development also gives you the opportunity to land a key position in a company.

What are the missions of the business development manager?

In a company, the business development manager plays an important role. In order for him to achieve his goals, he is given assignments. In particular, it must:

  • Analyze and define new business opportunities (markets, customers, services, products, partnerships);
  • study the appropriate relationships for the company;
  • prospecting for clients;
  • contact potential clients;
  • make appointments and meet with prospects;
  • to promote customer relations by proposing commercial or promotional actions;
  • Understand customer needs and propose effective solutions;
  • have strategic thinking and working methods;
  • implement the marketing policy;
  • accompany clients ;
  • keep abreast of business trends;
  • Seek ways to improve the company’s business direction and policy.

What studies should I do at INSEEC to specialize in business development?

INSEEC is a business school in Management. When you join, you can choose between the four programs it offers: BBA, Bachelor, Grande école and MSc. To specialize in business development, you have several programs to choose from. Among them:

Would you like to know more about the courses offered at INSEEC? Check out our FAQ!

Updated 17 October 2023