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A work-study contract allows young students to benefit from both theoretical training in a school or other organization and professional training in a company. Two types of contracts are offered for work-study programs: the professionalization contract and the apprenticeship contract. These two programs are designed to help students build their professional future in a sustainable way and to help them better understand life within a company. In this article, we detail what a professionalization contract is: the nature of the contract, the salary received by the student on a professionalization contract and the financial benefits to which he or she is entitled under this type of contract.

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The nature of the professionalization contract.

First of all, it should be noted that the professionalization contract is intended for :

This type of work-study contract can be concluded as a fixed-term or open-ended contract. In the case of a fixed-term contract, it can be renewed once if the trainee does not excel in the tests, if an accident at work or illness occurs. This is also the case if the apprenticeship was interrupted by a maternity leave or if there was a failure of the training organization. If the student wishes to acquire a higher qualification than the one obtained, he or she may also request the renewal of the professionalization contract.

This contract is carried out in alternating rhythm, the rhythm varies according to the program, the year of study and the training.

If you are a student on a work-study contract, you will be assisted by a tutor who is a competent employee with at least two years’ professional experience related to the desired qualification. This tutor must not accompany more than three beneficiaries. He/she should only monitor two work-study beneficiaries.

In the event of a serious problem or disagreement, it is also possible to break the contract.

What is the salary of a student on a work-study contract?

The amount of the salary of a student on a professionalization contract is calculated as a percentage of the SMIC. It then varies according to the age and level of qualification of the student. The minimum salary received by a student on a work-study contract is granted to those who hold a non-professional title or diploma at or below baccalaureate level. If the young student holds a professional title or diploma equal to or higher than the baccalaureate, the amount of the salary is increased. This increase takes effect when there is a change in age bracket from the first day of the following month.

Young people under 21 years of age receive 55% of the minimum SMIC, or 905.08 euros. For those with a qualification identical to the baccalaureate, they earn at least 65% of the SMIC, i.e. 1,069.63 euros. For young people aged 21 to 25, they earn about 70% of the SMIC, i.e. 1,151.91 euros, and at least 80%, i.e. 1,316.47 euros for those with a qualification identical to the baccalaureate. And for job seekers aged 26 and over, they receive 85% of the SMIC. Namely that the gross SMIC is currently set at 1645.58 euros since May 1, 2022.

As for fringe benefits, they can be deducted from your salary up to 75% of the deductions allowed for regular employees within the company.
However, the amount of these deductions for fringe benefits cannot exceed 3/4 of the minimum compensation you receive each month.

What assistance is available for work-study students on a professionalization contract?

For a job seeker of 26 years and older, Pôle emploi offers 2000 euros as financial aid. For a job seeker aged 45 and over, he or she benefits from a maximum amount of 2,000 euros which can be cumulated with the flat-rate aid from Pôle Emploi.

Those on fixed-term contracts do not pay severance pay and get a general reduction in charges. Just like other employees, a student on a professionalization contract also receives compensation for transportation expenses if the company does not pay for them directly. At the time of hiring, the company is responsible for having you undergo medical aptitude tests. If necessary, you will also benefit from medical follow-up and periodic visits with your professionalization contract.

Within the framework of the “1 young person 1 solution” program, the State grants aid of up to €6,000 to help the company pay for school fees.

Updated 1 August 2023