How do I get into a master’s degree in sports management?

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Are you interested in sports, as well as in marketing, management and business?
It is now possible to combine these fields by following a master’s degree in sports management.
Offered by a growing number of higher education establishments, this training program stands out for its multidisciplinary and professionalizing nature.
Find out in this article how to get into a master’s degree in sports management and thrive in this career choice.

  • a master’s degree in sport management is a diploma at the level of bac +5
  • It is accessible after a STAPS degree or a general or specialized bachelor’s degree in sports
  • The master’s degree in sports management trains experts in the management and promotion of sports.

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What is a master’s degree in sports management?

What is a master?

A master in sports management is a higher education course at Bac+5 level, providing either a master’s degree recognized by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, or a level 7 RNCP title recognized by the Ministry of Labour.
The latter is generally done in business schools, following a Bachelor’s degree at the Bac+3 level.

What is sport management?

Sport management concerns all activities and management of organizations related to sport such as the implementation of a communication strategy, events, commercial development of a product or service, or the management of a high-level athlete.

Does INSEEC offer a master’s degree in sports management?

INSEEC is part of the OMNES Education group. It is a recognized business school that offers specializations in the field of sports.

The campuses are located in several French cities and internationally through partnerships with schools. INSEEC offers courses in Chambéry, Paris, Bordeaux, Rennes and Lyon.

INSEEC offers a complete catalog of specialized training in sports after the baccalaureate, from bachelor to master, for example:

What are the requirements for a master’s degree in sports management?

To start a master’s degree in sports management at INSEEC, it is necessary to have obtained a diploma at the bac +3 level such as a university degree or an RNCP level 6 title such as a bachelor’s degree. If the student has already validated a Bac +4, he/she can directly enter the last year of the MSc at INSEEC (Master of Science 2nd year).

The MSc in Sports Management offered by INSEEC can be followed in initial training or in alternating courses. Note that the application to an MSc at INSEEC is entirely online. All applications will be examined by a panel of judges, who will evaluate the quality of the student’s academic background and the relevance of his or her career plan. After that, eligible candidates will be invited to an individual interview. Successful candidates will then be able to register and access the school’s internship and work-study search services.

What is the profile of students who apply for a master’s degree in sports management?

Most of the students starting a master’s degree in sports management have already studied sports: BTS, bachelor’s degree in a school or staps. These courses provide a solid foundation for starting a Master’s degree in sports management at INSEEC. Nevertheless, students from other fields of study can also access this type of master’s degree if they have a proven track record in sport. The master also welcomes professional athletes at the end of their career who are looking for a professional retraining.

In any case, one thing must be kept in mind: the goal of a master’s degree in sports management is not to train athletes, but rather experts in the field of sports management. The teaching is more focused on the development of a business and communication strategy than on the practice of the sport.

What are the skills required to do a master’s degree in sports management?

The plurality of disciplines covered in the master’s degree in sports management requires a certain ability to adapt. Indeed, the students will have to master notions of management and negotiation, but also of sports law, economics and communication. In short, they will have to mobilize advanced knowledge in social sciences in order to understand the public and economic issues of sport. They will be experts in marketing, human resources and legal issues related to sport.

Students must therefore have a broad general knowledge and be very curious. In addition, as future managers, they will need to have a strong sense of leadership and be able to listen to their team.

What to do after obtaining a master’s degree in sports management?

The master’s degree in sports management guarantees rapid integration into many sports-related companies. It is up to each student to create a course that suits his or her image and needs. It is possible to consider the following professions after a master’s degree in sports management:

The master’s degree in sports management does not lock students into a single career path, but provides them with cross-disciplinary skills that will enable them to build a career full of challenges. Do you have any other questions? Feel free to consult our Frequently Asked Questions.

Updated 7 September 2023